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Partnership Arrangements

Welcome, Partner!

Thanks for your interest in partnering with Ebner.Marketing. Our partner agencies help us provide best-in-class services to our clients as well as to build an ecosystem based on mutual benefit for all involved. 

Why Partnerships

At Ebner.Marketing, we pride ourselves in referring the best solutions to our clients. While there are  marketing agencies that provide great services across the entire marketing spectrum, we’ve found that most agencies have a core solution that they really knock out of the park.

How the Partnerships Work

We ask our partners to choose one speciality–their very best solution.

When clients come to us for help in a particular specialty area, we evaluate their needs, pick a couple of partner agencies that fit the use case, and ask those agencies to develop a proposal. We may recommend one agency over another, but that will only happen if we think their proposal is truly the best option. In the end, the decision-making power belongs to the client.

How we All Make Money

We want to make it as easy as possible for agencies to partner with us and reap the benefits of their own hard work. So we’ve landed on 10%.

At Ebner.Marketing, we offer ongoing marketing consulting to our clients, and we tell them about the 10% rule. It’s a generality that stats you should expect the cost of gaining a new customer to be around 10% of the lifetime value of that customer. 

If we wouldn’t tell our clients to pay more than 10%, and we’re not going to ask it of our partners. 

Types of Partnerships

We engage in three types of partnerships, and each of them is grounded in the needs of the client. 

Ebner.Marketing Consulting Clients

Ebner.Marketing serves as our clients’ part-time marketing executives on an ongoing basis. We manage all of our consulting clients’ spend, vendors and reporting. We operate from the center of the entire strategy.

We don’t simply want to satisfy our clients; we want to delight them. Instead of a referral fee, we ask that our partners provide these clients a minimum of a 10% discount off typical rates. You may decide to offer a larger discount to win the business, but that’s up to you. 

We pass the discount on to the client as a benefit for working with Ebner.Marketing. We also manage the project and client throughout the entire lifespan of the project.

Ebner.Marketing Referral Clients

Some clients come to us seeking the right vendor for a single project. Maybe they have a marketing team in need of web development help or a paid search partner. We help them find the right vendor to fit their needs by going through the same discovery and proposal process as any other client. 

In these cases, we charge a 10% referral free to our partner vendors for referring the business. This fee is based on your first 12 months of revenue from the client. If your typical engagement is for less than 12 months, you’ll pay 10% of whatever you bill in that time period. If you provide a month-to-month service, we’ll ask for one month’s service fees. For example, if you bill $100 per month in a month-to-month arrangement, you’ll pay Ebner.Marketing $100 total for referring the business. 

All referral payments are due within 30 days of a signed agreement with the client Ebner.Marketing referred to your firm. 

Once a client is referred to your firm and an agreement is signed, you take over as the project and client manager, and Ebner.Marketing is no longer involved with the client. If you re-sign a client after 12 months, or for more than 12 months as part of the initial agreement, you’ll only pay a 10% referral fee on the first 12 months of the agreement.

Referring your Clients to Ebner.Marketing

We would love to provide services to your clients as well. We specialize in the following areas of marketing:

  • HubSpot and Salesforce Implementation
  • Marketing Strategy Development and Execution
  • Lead Generation and Nurturing System Building
  • ROI and Budget Management
  • Connecting with other Marketing Vendors

If you refer a consulting client to Ebner.Marketing, we will pay you 10% of the revenue in the first 12 months of the agreement. If you send us a client to be connected with one of our other partner agencies, we’ll pay you 50% of the referral fee we receive from that partner. 

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