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Clearwater, FL –  December 9th, 2019 –  Today, Ebner.Marketing, a digital marketing agency with a more efficient solution for rapidly growing businesses, added Zack Augstell to the team as Strategy Director.

Mr. Augstell is an experienced marketing leader that specializes in implementing corporate brand strategy. He oversees and optimizes campaigns to help clients reach their ultimate goal: achieving company growth. Zack led marketing efforts recently at two private equity-backed brands, SofTrek and Togetherwork.

Commenting on the addition, David J. Ebner, CEO and Chief Strategist said, “I’m thrilled that Zack has chosen to throw his hat in with our company and our cause. I’ve known Zack for some time and have found him to be a very tactful operator that cares about his clients success as much as his own. He’ll broaden our ability to help more rapidly growing businesses.”

“In the current marketing landscape, it is more important than ever for growing businesses to have a dedicated marketing resource to help them ensure their campaigns are as effective as possible.” Zack commented,  “I haven’t met an agency more qualified to accomplish this than Ebner.Marketing, and I couldn’t be more excited to join the team and assist their clients.” 

Mr. Augstell’s years of experience working in digital marketing for private equity-backed software companies will be leveraged as Ebner.Marketing expands to offer a turn-key solution for private equity firms looking to add a growth solution for their portfolio of companies. 

“New revenue and organic growth are key for private equity firms looking for a greater return when they exit their investments. Zack and I have been on the ground floor, building marketing systems to help drive up growth for portfolio companies that are private equity backed. We can come in, build a lead generation and nurturing system, train the team and track marketing ROI for portfolio companies all while generating better results at a lower cost than hiring internal staff.” Ebner added. 

Ebner.Marketing is setting appointments with private equity firms that are interested in learning more about their portfolio marketing solution. Interested parties can schedule a time to chat by checking the consultation calendar here or emailing David J Ebner at:  

If you need some marketing help or you’re just interested in learning more about Ebner.Marketing, visit them on the web at or call 727-222-3281 and ask for David.